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A successful person is blessed with complex mathematical problem-solving skills. Our vision is to make you the most successful person in all avenues of life.

Our passion is to give you a platform to get ready for KBC ,Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?,Family Fortunes or Deal or No Deal.

Language is the most important part of our being. It helps us to learn about other cultures. Our mission is to make you a diverse and multi-lingual person provided you have a passion.

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  • Who is BrainCal for?

    BrainCal is for someone who has got the passion to learn and add new dimensions to their power house of knowledge. It provides some of the most advance and powerful Computational, Aptitude & Language learning platform to achieve greater heights.

  • Why should I use BrainCal ?

    BrainCal provides a world-class and rewarding education platform in the world, anytime and anywhere. Whether you are on you desktop, laptop or even mobile devices, Braincal will keep you connected and in touch with the world and education that too free.

  • What is the purpose of BrainCal?

    The sole vision of BrainCal is to provide you with 360 degree development and growth for future. BrainCal is made up of two words ie. Brain and cal. Cal comes from Computational, aptitude and language. These three combined together will make a very healthy and powerful brain meaning BrainCal.

  • Why BrainCal?

    We provide you with the most diverse, world-class and rewarding education platform in the world. Through BrainCal the learning has become fun and fun has become learning.

    • The way Braincal is set up has made it really easy to learn even while you are on your mobile. Fun way of learning things has made it really easy to learn in various dimensions to make your brain really powerful.

      Cannot think of a better learning platform than Braincal.  

    • It’s been absolutely amazing to have a platform like Braincal which gives you 360 degree development and learning opportunity. What attracted me most is the ability to do things anywhere and anytime.


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